Star beings visitation…….


distant worlds

distant worlds

I have several friends who have spoken of channeling “star beings” and other worldly beings, I never judged or questioned if it was true or not. I had never personally had the experience, so Who am I to laugh and/or disbelieve! 

So here goes:

I am currently temporarily  hosting a women s’ group on self empowerment and spiritual growth in which the founder had decided to put on hold due to other obligations. I accepted to opportunity as a learning experience in which I could meet and mingle with like minded ladies and perhaps even experience new modalities in the healing arts. First off many were disappointed that the original founder was not attending, which I expected knowing full well how any change can be disconcerting as well as I was the newest member having just moved to the area,  It wasn’t just my intuition picking up these negative vibes, when I left the room I overheard the conversation and hence my ‘feelings’ we’re validated.

Eventually the ladies were gracious and truly interested in continuing with the group, but I felt somethings was missing.After several meetings the founder informed me she wished to closed the group under her name and I was welcome to continue the group under a different name and make it my own. And that is where this story begins…………

A meeting was already scheduled for the  following Tuesday, in which no one had RSVP . of course I took it personal at first,  a conspiracy, and wished that if they were unhappy that they would have expressed that to me, they seemed to enjoy the presentations and I tried to get them  involved in being co-creator in their destinies. After a little pity party, I decided that It wasn’t personal and  what I really wanted was a Psychic Development Circle!

I did a Meditation, setting the intention that only those truly interested in enlightenment and spiritual development would attend!!! Very clear on  my intentions and what I wanted……

Well at the last moment I received several cancellations and only one human person attend the last meeting ! I announced the closing of the group, expressed my interest and plans for a future group. She was excited and all in, we decided to do a spirit  board  (Ouija) session for some guidance and inspiration on how to proceed. First we received clarity on a few personal dilemmas from our spirit teams .

I Asked who else was here, for the first time I could feel the heaviness of gravity! The energy was different from what I normally sense. The answer: “Grey Being” next “Star Beings” ! They attempted to show me a star constellations from far away, perhaps yet unknown to us Earthlings . I ask why are they here: “because I invited enlightened Beings!!!”!

I am not a visual Psychic, I am more of a “knowing” and an “I feel”, but I know there were many Beings,entities and energies present that day! I asked them to use the planchette to communicate on the spirit board. It seemed to be a learning experience, at first I could feel a heavy energy pushing my hand or arm and we laughed and explained they need only move the planchette. The only part I still need to interpret ” R-O-N-E 2 “. Perhaps I am not ready to understand it yet.

So we had an interesting interaction with other worldly beings, and they comfort me on my quest and journey telling me to be patient. I must plant the seed and let it grow, in time I will have my  Psychic Support Circle. I have an inner strength,courage and power. Amongst  the most powerful  and mighty in the realm of intuition. I must work on communication, wellness and seeing the big picture! I have to trust  my second sight and ambition will bring victory  in Divine timing. All will be enlightened! 

The atmosphere was heavy, I felt a heavy weight on my shoulders, like the feeling of sound moving through quicksand. After I thanked them and closed the session, I thought okay I have gone off the deep end and my partner in crime sat still in wonder of what just happened! I am sure she will have an enlightening story of her own to share!

Yet what an amazing adventure, you never know when others tell you of their travels and visions what to believe, so I always smile and trust that when we are ready we will see the truth! 

P.S. they prefer to be called “Aqua” not grey.

10 things I hate…for the past 10 years!

Welcome tarotnuts, 
After spending quality family time this holiday seasons I decided I wanted to start  the New Year on a solid foundation! 

I will and I hope you will all join me, Be making a list….

1. Things you did in the past 10 years that I thought were mean
2. …..things that were hurtful 
3. …..unkind
4…… cruel 
5……. deliberate 
6……. inconsiderate
7…… selfish
8…… rude
9…… broke my heart
10….. broke my spirit
all these things ripped my guts out and left me an empty shell, I felt worthless and unlovable. I questioned the purpose  of my very existence. I questioned why…. why… why. 

After making your list, for everyone as necessary…

1. think of how these forced you to grow
2. taught you to about  yourself
3. made you stronger
4. taught you to let go  (with love) and put you first
5. rise above and teach your children self worth
6. pushed you out of your comfort zone
7. showed you how NOT treat others
8.  made you realize you deserve better
9. you learned to stand on your on
10. You learned to be the light and lead the way !

Its time to thank them for the lessons
Its time to let go of the hurts and pain

Its time to start the New Year 
with a clean slate, open heart and a strong empowered, enlightened YOU!

Its time to BURN the list(s) , leave the past in the past

When we know better we do better! 
                Writing a new story, 
co-creating my journey, taking back my power.

Blessings of a New Year,
Dominion Tarot


I only have 359 “LIKES”…………on a good day! What’s your number???

light the darknessRegarding social media sites……

What is more important?

We are all excited about having more likes, friends or fans.  But is the ‘number’ the  goal?!

I admit at first I jumped for joy with every new ‘like’ on my page, then  was totally devastated   at the loss of a ‘like’ . I began to question…. what am I doing wrong, why don’t they like me…  am I invisible …., I took it  very personal.

All my insecurities came to the surface!

It does feed our ego, which feeds our humanness. I does feel good to think we are really reaching and inspiring all those friends/fans!

For that matter our goal is to change the WORLD!

Yet…   The true goal is to help, support or inspire at least ONE person!  YES , JUST ONE!

Realistically  if we change only ONE persons world……we have change THE WORLD!

They won’t stop and ask, how many others did you help today? They are just grateful that you took the time and made a difference in their life! They were ready to accept the message, to change their perspective and find another way! I know I was inspired by just ONE person… And my life’s  path is changed forever.

They will be happy just to know that someone cares, believes, accepts where they are on their journey.

*Then I got a message from that ‘one’ person.…  my post gave them HOPE!  At least for one more day….then the next…. and so on!

Ahhh I thought…. I just need to reach ONE at a time, baby steps. I need to just trust my journey and keep doing as my spirit guides tell me. I need to live in the ‘now’ and not worry about what I am NOT doing and just keep putting the messages out there and that one person who NEEDS it at that very moment will be inspired and hopeful. That  message will resonate and change their view  of why we are here. That one person can make a difference in the lives of those who love and care for them. And so on………

We all need to inspire, reach out and make a difference in that “ONE ” person! Be it a smile, a tip or a simple shoulder to cry on. It doesn’t matter how small or grand your gesture is,    What matters is that we make an effort. What matters is that we rise above our own human egos and trust in the Divine to guide our journey. What matters is that we help other find “hope”!

Blessings of love, light and hope for a better tomorrow!

Dominion Tarot

Spirit has a sense of Humor…..


After a recent Spirit Journey. I was excitedly speaking of and sharing the messages I received. To my surprise I was taken aback by the response…..“you can’t laugh and joke with spirits”
I thought “what”…… why not!? I didn’t get that memo! lolI know the Media focuses on “doom and gloom”, Fear and darkness! But then again the Media lives and survives on fear and drama, that’s how they reel you in, hold you in suspense. But is that a true reflection Spirit?! They are focused on the ‘Dark side’ and that fear based drama and mind control…. etc.

The Spirits I speak to are light and loving, full of humor and kindness! They are silly and a joy to communicate with, as we share past memories, and messages of love and support! 
After recording a session with Spirit I realized there were lots of giggles and joking. All messages were sent and received with humor and love. 
Family members came forward and helped me remember some good times, reminded me they are still the same even in the afterlife!

My Spirit Guides are always positive and supportive. they encourage me to step out of MY Box. They are here to ‘guide’ me and not to make me fear them. We need to work as a team, so that means we better have some fun!

So where did this concept come from? Why should I (we) be serious, formal, and all mysterious…..

This is my ‘normal’. Is it because it is not a normal part of others journey!? Is it that they are afraid. Is it just a  “fear the unknown”. But once you let go of the fear and embrace the journey. You will realize that your spirit team and past family members are all here to support and guide you with love, joy and YES a sense of humor!

 My sense of humor is a part of me and my life in general. Hence I am sure the Spirits who contact me are also happy, playful and full of laughter! 

So just for a moment stop and think….. what are your thoughts and feelings regarding Spirit?!  

I hope that you too will experience the joy of laughter and experience the wondrous world of Spirit.
 I hope that you embrace the sense of humor of those past as they reach out to you and say  “I love you and I always will, I am still with you” !

Blessings of a fun, silly and loving message from Spirit
Dominion Tarot 


468788_10151824079190034_707145728_oWelcome Tarot Nuts,

I have recently come across others who “SAY” they don’t believe in Tarot/ Divination/ supernatural etc. after repeatedly requesting a reading/guidance .

I don’t need you to believe what I believe. I  do expect the same curtsy I give you in your beliefs.

Therein lies the problem … I hold you to my high standards! I expected you to be my equal.

I realize there are many who are not enlightened and have not found their  lifes’ calling. And I fully accept  and embrace them as they are. My dilemma comes from those who “claim” to be on a journey of growth and ask/beg for guidance,Then strike out and belittle and degrade everything I believe and represent. This was a very disappointing and bewildering attack against me as a person and not just my journey in the Spiritual Realm.

Those who snap your head off ,rant and accuse you of, off the wall random hardships they endured all their lives including their childhood. They went on to blame me for things I “did”…. that I feel a truly against my nature.

At first I questioned myself and wondered if I am really that underhanded?! Am I truly that vindictive and rude?!  Do I really treat people that way?!

I began to feel insecure and second guessing   everything I have done or should do………….

I wondered how many others are harboring ill will against me for my lack of compassion and superiority!

I am left feeling totally clueless as to what has just transpired!

Then I take some time to meditate, regroup and marinade ……………

After a long introspection…I have  come to the conclusion…………….. that Ah ha moment!

I see that this person is showing me their true colors! They have been conveniently  expecting me to fix all their problems. They have been trying to use and manipulate me into believing I have failed them and caused all their hardships. They of course have nothing to do with how their lives turned out. Even though I have only know them a short time. Your choices predict your future, choose wisely.

Apparently I was an easy target. It is always easier to point at someone else than take any responsibility for yourself!

Long story short: Why attack me and then move on the next “lightworker/ Tarot reader/ healer”!

At first I was very angry, upset, I  sat in disbelief that ‘they’ are on other webinars and the like, begging for FREE READINGS! NEEDING HELP NOW. I was caught off guard and left wondering how many of them are there?!

Are you doing it to prove your better…and we are all fakes/wrong in our beliefs…are you angry because we have found peace and joy….are you so lost that you know no other way to reach out for help!

Are you so threatened by others happiness that you must cause kayos in the lives of even those you are supposed to love the most? Are you so self involved and selfish that you really don’t see how your are effecting the ones who care about you.

Why judge and degrade “US” , knock ‘US’ down and then move on to your next victim?!

I gave you the benefit of the doubt, as will the others, but it won’t last long………

In the end YOU will still be you, hiding in the shadows…… in the darkness!

I’m not saying you have to believe in our “gifts”. I’m saying open you heart and your mind. Its time to come out of the closet and admit your truth. Everyone has something to overcome! Everyone struggles in this human world.

ONLY YOU can CREATE your future , Stop living in the past and trying to punish everyone else! We all have our own demons to fight.

Someday I hope you will look back at all the pain you caused…..I hope you can break the circle and find a better way to let go of the unchangeable past.

I was blindside with your interpretation of my world and how “perfect” my life is though your eyes And yet how imperfect you find me to be. I have worked hard to overcome many obstacles and find my way.

And I choose not to let you change my path! I will continue to grow and shine my light.  I will strive to help others find the light! And Yes I will even wait for you…………. maybe not in this life time……but the next!

You were a lesson on my journey….It took longer than I had hoped for me to come to terms with my reaction.

It also took me longer to understand where you are on your journey as I thought you were seeking enlightenment and quickly realized you don’t want to do the work. You can’t face what you have let yourself become. Yet you can not change until YOU face your own demons and actually work on raising your vibration.

When you know better you do better!  Its time to come out of the darkness of the closet and embrace the light!

Thank you, I will no longer blindly accept the mask people show to the world, I will no longer  offer “free” readings for those don’t value my beliefs. I will no longer expect others to be following the path and I now know many are stuck in the cycle of self  destruction and I can not help them unless they  want to help themselves!

Blessings of letting go of what no longer serves you,

Dominion Tarot

My Morality is in Question….

My Gift is of the "Divine"

My Gift is of the “Divine”

I am tired of “people” telling me I am going to hell for reading Tarot, for believing in my ‘gifts’, for just not believing in their way of life/ religion. Who made them the Judge and Jury? Most times I would simply reply “I will see you later then”.

I have come to grips with MY GIFTS, I now see them as a blessings and a true gift from the Divine Source, The Universe and dare I say GOD…I have trouble with the ‘term’ God due to ‘Religion’! Religion seems to be about control, guilt and judgments! However those who judge me, judge me by their beliefs which they themselves cannot seem to live by! Let “your God” judge me!!! As he will also judge you…..!

Your “religion” does not make you a better person, YOUR BEHAVIOR DOES! 

I do not purposely do things to harm others knowing I can just say “sorry” and feel its okay. The sad thing is many will continue the pattern. Which to me says you are NOT sorry if you are not willing to change the behavior. And yes I realize there are good and bad aspects to every organized religion. But this is because we are human. Human beings are trying to write and make up rules at their convenience.

I am not concerned about my Mortality. I live my life with the intention of love, peace and acceptance. I do not sit waiting to catch others committing a ‘sin’, pointing my finger and telling you you’re going to hell for sure this time

I try my best to live by example, to rise above my ‘humanness’ to embrace you as you are at this moment and time. My goal each day is to be mindful of how I treat others as they struggle on their path to enlightenment.

You are on your own Journey and you must figure out some lessons the hard way. Someday you will wake up and know that God is LOVE, kindness and giving. You will feel a PEACE, A KNOWING that we are all here to share our light, love and healing is all that is needed. You get back what you give out.

I have gone through many emotional roller coaster rides to get where I am today; I am finally at peace with myself and My GIFTS! They are a part of me. They are from GOD! I am a part of God! I believe the Divine dwells within us, it is not a place, a thing, The God you seek is in you!

I celebrate my journey and hope someday you will all accept me as I am, Tarot, Psychic, Soul Messenger. I help others find balance and healing. I help them find their own light and truth on their path. I believe we all have free will. Your choices determine your future here and in the afterlife. I choose to follow my own path.

I do not question my morality, my faith or whether or not I will rot in hell. I do not fear for my ‘Soul’.

I am a “SPIRITUAL BEING” having a HUMAN experience.

I am a “lightworker” and I am here as a Messenger

I am at peace with myself and my journey

I am Who I need to be!

I am Where I need to be!

I am Free…


Dominion Tarot

Confront your own demons…….targeting, blaming,pointing the finger

hold and release with love

Dear Universe,

Today, Actually I should say recently I was Blindsided by a certain drama. Totally unaware that the social media rant was directed at me! I was amazed at how far back  they went to find things to throw in my face. While I try not to express my personal rants and family issues in a public forum.   I found myself smack dab in the middle! I had not responded because

1. I felt that was an inappropriate venue to  fling at the public at large and

2. because I had not yet realize the threats were aimed at ME!


This is a person I have known a few years and only on a formal basis, meaning never really spent one on one time getting to know each other.

Why did they assume any and all my “remarks” were directed at them. Even when my comment was about me and my journey.

Why Did they feel it necessary to threaten Physical violence and down right HATE!

I know I am far from perfect…and really don’t need a stranger to take the time to point out all my flaws and imperfections on a social media site .I don’t believe I have ever said one thing to warrant such a reaction! I believe It was their own issue! Their own insecurities. By expressing how “I make this person feel”, I wondered how I was even involved. Someone else that I have been closer to, sent me a message stating they did not want to be in the middle or involved any longer. At this point I still had no clue what happened!

So finally I get a personal message describing how for many, many YEARS I have said belittling and derogatory comments about and to them. With an“If I see you in person I will physical hurt you! ” 

Here I am shocked that for years I have been offending someone unbeknownst to me!

I am still not sure what happened or why. I try my very best to never hurt anyone and I was very disturbed and distraught that I  may have (even unintentionally) caused another being such pain! I felt totally clueless and wonder how many other people I may have impacted with my carelessness and disregard for others.

I have always tried to treat others as an equal, I have always looked for the good in everyone who had crossed my path. I always gave them the benefit of doubt and even made excuses for why they may  have seemed to be self involved.  I have always considered that they have there own  journey and I may never know how hard their path is!

So My quandary is:

  • Was this person truly seeing themselves as I see them?
  • Was this person seeing themselves as I should have seen them?
  • Was this person assuming I was judging them by how they stand in judgement of others?
  • Was this person just ranting because they feel threatened and inadequate comparing themselves to me?
  • So they can finally FEEL superior.

I still don’t see how or why  all this  anger was directed towards me, If I look at  YOU the “wrong” way. please don’t assume I mean you harm. I may be deep in thought. I may be distracted by my own drama and insecurities…yes I do have my own life! And it is  full of  bills due and worries of my loved ones and their  health and those whom I have lost.  Please forgive my perfect appearance because beneath the surface I too am only human!  i just chose to confront my own demons in private!

Yet in closing I acknowledge their feelings and express how that  was never my intention! I asked that they caution me (with love) when I cross that line in the future. I express my sincere apology for all the wrongs of  their  childhood drama, which they have informed me, caused a mental disability in which they may not be able to control their violent outburst upon our next interaction. I promise to be mindful of my actions and be cautious where my eyes are at all times. I promise to do better in the future and I do truly care.

Yet I still sit here pondering what was/is the message the Universe had in mind…………………….

sighed totally clueless and confused………

Blessings of love and mindful awareness…………. everything you do……..affects someone you least expect !



The Media and Spirit… what are your thoughts?

We are Spiritual beings having a Human experience

We are Spiritual beings having a Human experience

The Media  and Spirit….

  • I was listening to a podcast and the host said they were doing a prerecorded show because they were not going to be available at the regularly scheduled time. They mentioned that they wish they could do a “best of show” but this was  only  their fourth show.

I smiled when they promised to be back live next week with a” GREAT LIVE GUEST....” I  thought as opposed to a “DEAD” guest!”  How funny, but in truth… the topic of the show is communicating with those who have crossed over. So can we please have a ‘dead guest’!

  • Why does the media usually show or encourage negative or fear based representation those past?  Why are they stuck between worlds and harming the living?  Do you believe ghost are evil, jealous or possessive? Are they lost, confused and maybe misunderstood?!  I realize as humans we all have a shadow side as  there is good and bad in everyone, but as ‘Spirit’ I believe we release all the humanness and all the petty issues of being human including all the material possessions. I also believe that hate and revenge are also only human qualities and not a part of the ‘Spiritual realm’.

So why do we assign HUMAN Qualities to Spiritual beings? Could we possible be projecting our own preconceived notions and fears of the unknown!? As we grow in Spiritual knowledge I hope we strive to be and do better. Perhaps better humans will make better Ghost  for the future.

Blessings of discernment and fear not


WARNING!!! I USE PAPER PRODUCTS…. do you fear Tarot cards?!

Why do you fear "paper"?

Why do you fear “paper”?

As I came out the closet as a spiritual and intuitive tarot card reader many friends and family were/are horrified!

I was deeply confused how suddenly I was of  the devil! I am no longer the person everyone thought I was, some how their vision of the calm, quiet and giving Me was changed. Now what’s going to happen?  What will I be doing? spell and evil curses….etc.

I am still the same ME….I still treat them the same and act the same way as I always have. It is their perception of  ME that has changed.  This is how I learned that some people are quick to Judge what they don’t understand and don’t care to even acknowledge a different point of view. I am still the same!  I have always been “an out the box” being. I have always walked to beat of my own drum or calling if you will. I have not and never will pressure anyone the follow my path.  I know we all have our path to follow.  I have never Judged anyone else as being of the devil for not being enlightened. I know that in time…this life or the next, they will someday when they are ready, see the light!!!

Back to “Paper”.

Why do some people  give ‘Tarot CARDS ‘ so much power!? It is merely a TOOL to focus my energy and thoughts. Simply symbols to help me see where the path is headed.

What makes them ‘evil, scary and of negative connotations? I have sat here on many occasions pondering this very question. I try to see from their point of view….I got out some index cards and left them on the counter to see how many people would be freaked out… I put some photos and the like.To my surprise, No reaction.

I put out the local New paper and I think I was the only one who had a bad reaction to all the negative, depressing and violence reported about the world!

So , is it the  the images in Tarot  that strikes fear? There are countless different types of decks for all the different  personalities. There are decks based on Cats, dogs, steam punk, angels,baseball etc. We do not normally fear these for no reason.

My favorite Deck ( at this moment) has many rich and beautiful colors. The images are equally beautiful and uplifting.  As in all things there can a good and bad , we are not always perfect or right. We all have bad days,or moments. We have all had  dark thoughts at one time or another. Does that mean we should live  constant in fear of ourselves?.

No ! Its all comes down to our INTENTION!

If we do everything we can to bring out  and see the light in others, then we are spreading positive energy. What is so bad about that? How is that “the devils work”? I can not tell you ‘your future’ as every choice you make determines that. I can only help you make better choices!

I read Tarot Cards!

I love the colors, the artwork and the inspiration from all the different artist. I love seeing their  vision and interpretation of the world. I’s a whole new world in itself. The more you know, you realize there is so much more you need to learn, it is a constantly evolving journey of your inner self. A path to finding your Higher Self.

Tarot Cards can be used as inspiration for writers, artist and  spiritual seekers.They are tools for mediation, and guidance on our journey.

So ask yourself…. what do I fear and why? Open your minds and do not jump to judge others. Try to understand their prospective. Give others the benefit of the doubt, You can’t change anyone, but you can show them a better way. Prejudice exist because of FEAR, Is FEAR how you truly wish to live your life?

Live your best authentic self and they may want to follow!

Blessing of  living in the light, paper and all.


Toe Reading

Wow never heard of that before..wasn’t even sure if we should  attend the meeting. But something said your going…..

I was very interested as he explaned everything he could tell about a person by looking at thier Toes. I promptly volunteer, as anyone who know me know I rarely have shoes on! It was an amazing  and enlightening experiance . He  said things that I had only told Bob most of which happened within the past few days. But he was very accurate. Turns out I come from a long line of SPIRITUAL HEALERS,  my totem is THE EAGLE  , and I am A SENSITIVE, a wonderful validation of my current path…. I even have homework.


So to go back , the other night I dreamt of my Grandmother being here we spent some time talking….she stayed for dinner. I of couse tell Bob. Later I show him my new FEATHER ( look what I made today) he laughs and said you didn’t make that. I say fine a bird made it lol but I dressed it up with a leather binding and healing stones. 


The toe reader tells me that my Grandmother is here with me and wants me to have a Feather! 


Also As I did a reading a few days ago I felt the urge to write ” GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY… YES THIS IS REAL! TRUST &  EMBRACE THE JOURNEY”


The Toe Reader tells me I have to learn to trust my instinks ” to get out of my head and listen with my heart” I need to do more grounding and protection work because my soul is very high and thats why I have trouble understanding peoples actions and trouble commuicating with others. totaly explains a lot! 


Yesterday I recieved an email on “making your own DVD” how it was not as expensive or hard as it seems. I sign up the class and think it would be awesome to make a DVD  “INTUITIVE  TAROT BY DOMINION ” 

The Toe Reader tells me ” they are saying to go for it and write the book!” what am I waiting for ……

I wish I had recorded the reading…I am sure more things will pop up as the day goes on. but for today that was a lot to digest

blessings of love and light on your journey


P.S. My husbands wife has nice toes! lol