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WARNING!!! I USE PAPER PRODUCTS…. do you fear Tarot cards?!

Why do you fear "paper"?

Why do you fear “paper”?

As I came out the closet as a spiritual and intuitive tarot card reader many friends and family were/are horrified!

I was deeply confused how suddenly I was of  the devil! I am no longer the person everyone thought I was, some how their vision of the calm, quiet and giving Me was changed. Now what’s going to happen?  What will I be doing? spell and evil curses….etc.

I am still the same ME….I still treat them the same and act the same way as I always have. It is their perception of  ME that has changed.  This is how I learned that some people are quick to Judge what they don’t understand and don’t care to even acknowledge a different point of view. I am still the same!  I have always been “an out the box” being. I have always walked to beat of my own drum or calling if you will. I have not and never will pressure anyone the follow my path.  I know we all have our path to follow.  I have never Judged anyone else as being of the devil for not being enlightened. I know that in time…this life or the next, they will someday when they are ready, see the light!!!

Back to “Paper”.

Why do some people  give ‘Tarot CARDS ‘ so much power!? It is merely a TOOL to focus my energy and thoughts. Simply symbols to help me see where the path is headed.

What makes them ‘evil, scary and of negative connotations? I have sat here on many occasions pondering this very question. I try to see from their point of view….I got out some index cards and left them on the counter to see how many people would be freaked out… I put some photos and the like.To my surprise, No reaction.

I put out the local New paper and I think I was the only one who had a bad reaction to all the negative, depressing and violence reported about the world!

So , is it the  the images in Tarot  that strikes fear? There are countless different types of decks for all the different  personalities. There are decks based on Cats, dogs, steam punk, angels,baseball etc. We do not normally fear these for no reason.

My favorite Deck ( at this moment) has many rich and beautiful colors. The images are equally beautiful and uplifting.  As in all things there can a good and bad , we are not always perfect or right. We all have bad days,or moments. We have all had  dark thoughts at one time or another. Does that mean we should live  constant in fear of ourselves?.

No ! Its all comes down to our INTENTION!

If we do everything we can to bring out  and see the light in others, then we are spreading positive energy. What is so bad about that? How is that “the devils work”? I can not tell you ‘your future’ as every choice you make determines that. I can only help you make better choices!

I read Tarot Cards!

I love the colors, the artwork and the inspiration from all the different artist. I love seeing their  vision and interpretation of the world. I’s a whole new world in itself. The more you know, you realize there is so much more you need to learn, it is a constantly evolving journey of your inner self. A path to finding your Higher Self.

Tarot Cards can be used as inspiration for writers, artist and  spiritual seekers.They are tools for mediation, and guidance on our journey.

So ask yourself…. what do I fear and why? Open your minds and do not jump to judge others. Try to understand their prospective. Give others the benefit of the doubt, You can’t change anyone, but you can show them a better way. Prejudice exist because of FEAR, Is FEAR how you truly wish to live your life?

Live your best authentic self and they may want to follow!

Blessing of  living in the light, paper and all.


Toe Reading

Wow never heard of that before..wasn’t even sure if we should  attend the meeting. But something said your going…..

I was very interested as he explaned everything he could tell about a person by looking at thier Toes. I promptly volunteer, as anyone who know me know I rarely have shoes on! It was an amazing  and enlightening experiance . He  said things that I had only told Bob most of which happened within the past few days. But he was very accurate. Turns out I come from a long line of SPIRITUAL HEALERS,  my totem is THE EAGLE  , and I am A SENSITIVE, a wonderful validation of my current path…. I even have homework.


So to go back , the other night I dreamt of my Grandmother being here we spent some time talking….she stayed for dinner. I of couse tell Bob. Later I show him my new FEATHER ( look what I made today) he laughs and said you didn’t make that. I say fine a bird made it lol but I dressed it up with a leather binding and healing stones. 


The toe reader tells me that my Grandmother is here with me and wants me to have a Feather! 


Also As I did a reading a few days ago I felt the urge to write ” GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY… YES THIS IS REAL! TRUST &  EMBRACE THE JOURNEY”


The Toe Reader tells me I have to learn to trust my instinks ” to get out of my head and listen with my heart” I need to do more grounding and protection work because my soul is very high and thats why I have trouble understanding peoples actions and trouble commuicating with others. totaly explains a lot! 


Yesterday I recieved an email on “making your own DVD” how it was not as expensive or hard as it seems. I sign up the class and think it would be awesome to make a DVD  “INTUITIVE  TAROT BY DOMINION ” 

The Toe Reader tells me ” they are saying to go for it and write the book!” what am I waiting for ……

I wish I had recorded the reading…I am sure more things will pop up as the day goes on. but for today that was a lot to digest

blessings of love and light on your journey


P.S. My husbands wife has nice toes! lol 



I’ll wait… my recent lesson from the Divine.

hold and release with love

It seems lately that the timing of the Divine is of course “timely”. What I learned this weekend……..

I finally got that light bulb moment! A quick pause to thank friends/family for your hard work.  (lesson learned)

I do not need to understand ‘the why’ , because there is no ‘why’ !

It’s not about “ME”

Its about your perception of the world that makes you lash out at others.

I learned to accept WHERE YOU are in YOUR journey!

I will hold a space for you in my heart.

I ask that you be surrounded by the white light of love ,peace and guidance .

I know that you have everything you need within you!

I have faith that you can and will figure it out for yourself, when you are ready!

I’ll wait……….

blessings of love and light


Trusting the random voices in your head……..

Candle lightI used to wonder why some Mediums would state their message as a question…. instead of just saying what they received. I know it is not always clear or black and white. Then I  realized when I was doing a reading how hard it was to just come out and say ‘your daughter past when she was young…’. What if I am wrong… what if…what if…

There is that demon called ‘doubt, its the fear of being wrong’. It’s hard to leave your EGO outside the door and let Spirit work through you, guide you in helping your client find what they need to know weather it be for closure or making peace with the past. We are here to help them find their path to enlightenment.

It is not for me to understand the message, in fact the less sense it makes to me the more I know the message is from “Spirit” and meant for my client!  Even if at that very moment they say no and don’t understand, I know they will when the time is right!

I guess in closing I now understand why and I realize that they are also “spirits” in human form on this earth and I for some reason  thought they were some sort of “angel”. But in truth we are all children of “God” We are all capable of seeing,hearing, knowing and feeling, that’s how SPIRIT communicates to us! Our job is to learn how to listen (be aware) and trust what we are feeling is “Spirit” guiding us on our path to our higher self.

Blessings on your journey for the highest and greatest good ,


Our Journey to Enlightenment

Our Journey to enlightenment,

This week I communicated with “Spirit”. Helga White (Wiedt) Said she is an ‘XM’ from my husband’s side to the family. She was very fond of Rainy (my Daughter-in-law) and her energy. She showed us the color “blue”. Her message was of Love, joy and creativity. She asked that we use our creativity to share and spread love and joy where ever we can!

Also an Angel named Maria came forward to say she watches over us. This was truly an enlightening week!

We also attended the “let’s Channel” meeting with Shelly Wilson presenting. She is an Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual teacher. As she discussed her personal spiritual journey and offered advice to us on reaching our higher selves and living our own authentic life, I realized she was telling ME what I often hear myself telling my “clients”!

 I realize I have not always ‘walked the talk’! A light bulb moment….the messages I receive are not just for the ‘client’ but also for me! I know some things are easier said than done…..But I must also listen and make a conscious effort to invest the time and make the necessary changes to shine the light into my life. I must also keep working at my spiritual journey and be the example. I wondered to myself why would or should anyone listen to me give advice….when I have not made a conscious effort to continue to follow and work in the light. I feel I have been lazy and living in limbo!

Shelly tells me, “I am just like everyone else: a spiritual being have a HUMAN experience”!

So I will make a conscious effort to grow in my journey as I continue to share my knowledge and ask My Spirit Team guidance. I hope that you will all grow and shine with me, as we all dance through this journey together! After all it is not the destination that matters it’s the journey that holds the blessings, the inspiration and joy of this human experience.

Sometimes I am not sure of what I am saying or going to say, as I believe it is your guides speaking through me. I know the message is not from Me, as the message does not make sense to me.

In closing I (we) the Dominion staff promise to listen to our Spirit Teams, to heed the advice and guidance they offer to the best of our ability. The message we would like to share is: LOVE!

Love is The Divine ‘Source’, the Universe’s language that binds humanity! Love all those who cross your path, love yourself, love the lost and lonely. Light the way and inspire others to live in the light of love!

Blessings of love, light and abundance

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