The Media and Spirit… what are your thoughts?

We are Spiritual beings having a Human experience

We are Spiritual beings having a Human experience

The Media  and Spirit….

  • I was listening to a podcast and the host said they were doing a prerecorded show because they were not going to be available at the regularly scheduled time. They mentioned that they wish they could do a “best of show” but this was  only  their fourth show.

I smiled when they promised to be back live next week with a” GREAT LIVE GUEST....” I  thought as opposed to a “DEAD” guest!”  How funny, but in truth… the topic of the show is communicating with those who have crossed over. So can we please have a ‘dead guest’!

  • Why does the media usually show or encourage negative or fear based representation those past?  Why are they stuck between worlds and harming the living?  Do you believe ghost are evil, jealous or possessive? Are they lost, confused and maybe misunderstood?!  I realize as humans we all have a shadow side as  there is good and bad in everyone, but as ‘Spirit’ I believe we release all the humanness and all the petty issues of being human including all the material possessions. I also believe that hate and revenge are also only human qualities and not a part of the ‘Spiritual realm’.

So why do we assign HUMAN Qualities to Spiritual beings? Could we possible be projecting our own preconceived notions and fears of the unknown!? As we grow in Spiritual knowledge I hope we strive to be and do better. Perhaps better humans will make better Ghost  for the future.

Blessings of discernment and fear not


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