My Morality is in Question….

My Gift is of the "Divine"

My Gift is of the “Divine”

I am tired of “people” telling me I am going to hell for reading Tarot, for believing in my ‘gifts’, for just not believing in their way of life/ religion. Who made them the Judge and Jury? Most times I would simply reply “I will see you later then”.

I have come to grips with MY GIFTS, I now see them as a blessings and a true gift from the Divine Source, The Universe and dare I say GOD…I have trouble with the ‘term’ God due to ‘Religion’! Religion seems to be about control, guilt and judgments! However those who judge me, judge me by their beliefs which they themselves cannot seem to live by! Let “your God” judge me!!! As he will also judge you…..!

Your “religion” does not make you a better person, YOUR BEHAVIOR DOES! 

I do not purposely do things to harm others knowing I can just say “sorry” and feel its okay. The sad thing is many will continue the pattern. Which to me says you are NOT sorry if you are not willing to change the behavior. And yes I realize there are good and bad aspects to every organized religion. But this is because we are human. Human beings are trying to write and make up rules at their convenience.

I am not concerned about my Mortality. I live my life with the intention of love, peace and acceptance. I do not sit waiting to catch others committing a ‘sin’, pointing my finger and telling you you’re going to hell for sure this time

I try my best to live by example, to rise above my ‘humanness’ to embrace you as you are at this moment and time. My goal each day is to be mindful of how I treat others as they struggle on their path to enlightenment.

You are on your own Journey and you must figure out some lessons the hard way. Someday you will wake up and know that God is LOVE, kindness and giving. You will feel a PEACE, A KNOWING that we are all here to share our light, love and healing is all that is needed. You get back what you give out.

I have gone through many emotional roller coaster rides to get where I am today; I am finally at peace with myself and My GIFTS! They are a part of me. They are from GOD! I am a part of God! I believe the Divine dwells within us, it is not a place, a thing, The God you seek is in you!

I celebrate my journey and hope someday you will all accept me as I am, Tarot, Psychic, Soul Messenger. I help others find balance and healing. I help them find their own light and truth on their path. I believe we all have free will. Your choices determine your future here and in the afterlife. I choose to follow my own path.

I do not question my morality, my faith or whether or not I will rot in hell. I do not fear for my ‘Soul’.

I am a “SPIRITUAL BEING” having a HUMAN experience.

I am a “lightworker” and I am here as a Messenger

I am at peace with myself and my journey

I am Who I need to be!

I am Where I need to be!

I am Free…


Dominion Tarot


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