I only have 359 “LIKES”…………on a good day! What’s your number???

light the darknessRegarding social media sites……

What is more important?

We are all excited about having more likes, friends or fans.  But is the ‘number’ the  goal?!

I admit at first I jumped for joy with every new ‘like’ on my page, then  was totally devastated   at the loss of a ‘like’ . I began to question…. what am I doing wrong, why don’t they like me…  am I invisible …., I took it  very personal.

All my insecurities came to the surface!

It does feed our ego, which feeds our humanness. I does feel good to think we are really reaching and inspiring all those friends/fans!

For that matter our goal is to change the WORLD!

Yet…   The true goal is to help, support or inspire at least ONE person!  YES , JUST ONE!

Realistically  if we change only ONE persons world……we have change THE WORLD!

They won’t stop and ask, how many others did you help today? They are just grateful that you took the time and made a difference in their life! They were ready to accept the message, to change their perspective and find another way! I know I was inspired by just ONE person… And my life’s  path is changed forever.

They will be happy just to know that someone cares, believes, accepts where they are on their journey.

*Then I got a message from that ‘one’ person.…  my post gave them HOPE!  At least for one more day….then the next…. and so on!

Ahhh I thought…. I just need to reach ONE at a time, baby steps. I need to just trust my journey and keep doing as my spirit guides tell me. I need to live in the ‘now’ and not worry about what I am NOT doing and just keep putting the messages out there and that one person who NEEDS it at that very moment will be inspired and hopeful. That  message will resonate and change their view  of why we are here. That one person can make a difference in the lives of those who love and care for them. And so on………

We all need to inspire, reach out and make a difference in that “ONE ” person! Be it a smile, a tip or a simple shoulder to cry on. It doesn’t matter how small or grand your gesture is,    What matters is that we make an effort. What matters is that we rise above our own human egos and trust in the Divine to guide our journey. What matters is that we help other find “hope”!

Blessings of love, light and hope for a better tomorrow!

Dominion Tarot

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