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Star beings visitation…….


distant worlds

distant worlds

I have several friends who have spoken of channeling “star beings” and other worldly beings, I never judged or questioned if it was true or not. I had never personally had the experience, so Who am I to laugh and/or disbelieve! 

So here goes:

I am currently temporarily  hosting a women s’ group on self empowerment and spiritual growth in which the founder had decided to put on hold due to other obligations. I accepted to opportunity as a learning experience in which I could meet and mingle with like minded ladies and perhaps even experience new modalities in the healing arts. First off many were disappointed that the original founder was not attending, which I expected knowing full well how any change can be disconcerting as well as I was the newest member having just moved to the area,  It wasn’t just my intuition picking up these negative vibes, when I left the room I overheard the conversation and hence my ‘feelings’ we’re validated.

Eventually the ladies were gracious and truly interested in continuing with the group, but I felt somethings was missing.After several meetings the founder informed me she wished to closed the group under her name and I was welcome to continue the group under a different name and make it my own. And that is where this story begins…………

A meeting was already scheduled for the  following Tuesday, in which no one had RSVP . of course I took it personal at first,  a conspiracy, and wished that if they were unhappy that they would have expressed that to me, they seemed to enjoy the presentations and I tried to get them  involved in being co-creator in their destinies. After a little pity party, I decided that It wasn’t personal and  what I really wanted was a Psychic Development Circle!

I did a Meditation, setting the intention that only those truly interested in enlightenment and spiritual development would attend!!! Very clear on  my intentions and what I wanted……

Well at the last moment I received several cancellations and only one human person attend the last meeting ! I announced the closing of the group, expressed my interest and plans for a future group. She was excited and all in, we decided to do a spirit  board  (Ouija) session for some guidance and inspiration on how to proceed. First we received clarity on a few personal dilemmas from our spirit teams .

I Asked who else was here, for the first time I could feel the heaviness of gravity! The energy was different from what I normally sense. The answer: “Grey Being” next “Star Beings” ! They attempted to show me a star constellations from far away, perhaps yet unknown to us Earthlings . I ask why are they here: “because I invited enlightened Beings!!!”!

I am not a visual Psychic, I am more of a “knowing” and an “I feel”, but I know there were many Beings,entities and energies present that day! I asked them to use the planchette to communicate on the spirit board. It seemed to be a learning experience, at first I could feel a heavy energy pushing my hand or arm and we laughed and explained they need only move the planchette. The only part I still need to interpret ” R-O-N-E 2 “. Perhaps I am not ready to understand it yet.

So we had an interesting interaction with other worldly beings, and they comfort me on my quest and journey telling me to be patient. I must plant the seed and let it grow, in time I will have my  Psychic Support Circle. I have an inner strength,courage and power. Amongst  the most powerful  and mighty in the realm of intuition. I must work on communication, wellness and seeing the big picture! I have to trust  my second sight and ambition will bring victory  in Divine timing. All will be enlightened! 

The atmosphere was heavy, I felt a heavy weight on my shoulders, like the feeling of sound moving through quicksand. After I thanked them and closed the session, I thought okay I have gone off the deep end and my partner in crime sat still in wonder of what just happened! I am sure she will have an enlightening story of her own to share!

Yet what an amazing adventure, you never know when others tell you of their travels and visions what to believe, so I always smile and trust that when we are ready we will see the truth! 

P.S. they prefer to be called “Aqua” not grey.

Confront your own demons…….targeting, blaming,pointing the finger

hold and release with love

Dear Universe,

Today, Actually I should say recently I was Blindsided by a certain drama. Totally unaware that the social media rant was directed at me! I was amazed at how far back  they went to find things to throw in my face. While I try not to express my personal rants and family issues in a public forum.   I found myself smack dab in the middle! I had not responded because

1. I felt that was an inappropriate venue to  fling at the public at large and

2. because I had not yet realize the threats were aimed at ME!


This is a person I have known a few years and only on a formal basis, meaning never really spent one on one time getting to know each other.

Why did they assume any and all my “remarks” were directed at them. Even when my comment was about me and my journey.

Why Did they feel it necessary to threaten Physical violence and down right HATE!

I know I am far from perfect…and really don’t need a stranger to take the time to point out all my flaws and imperfections on a social media site .I don’t believe I have ever said one thing to warrant such a reaction! I believe It was their own issue! Their own insecurities. By expressing how “I make this person feel”, I wondered how I was even involved. Someone else that I have been closer to, sent me a message stating they did not want to be in the middle or involved any longer. At this point I still had no clue what happened!

So finally I get a personal message describing how for many, many YEARS I have said belittling and derogatory comments about and to them. With an“If I see you in person I will physical hurt you! ” 

Here I am shocked that for years I have been offending someone unbeknownst to me!

I am still not sure what happened or why. I try my very best to never hurt anyone and I was very disturbed and distraught that I  may have (even unintentionally) caused another being such pain! I felt totally clueless and wonder how many other people I may have impacted with my carelessness and disregard for others.

I have always tried to treat others as an equal, I have always looked for the good in everyone who had crossed my path. I always gave them the benefit of doubt and even made excuses for why they may  have seemed to be self involved.  I have always considered that they have there own  journey and I may never know how hard their path is!

So My quandary is:

  • Was this person truly seeing themselves as I see them?
  • Was this person seeing themselves as I should have seen them?
  • Was this person assuming I was judging them by how they stand in judgement of others?
  • Was this person just ranting because they feel threatened and inadequate comparing themselves to me?
  • So they can finally FEEL superior.

I still don’t see how or why  all this  anger was directed towards me, If I look at  YOU the “wrong” way. please don’t assume I mean you harm. I may be deep in thought. I may be distracted by my own drama and insecurities…yes I do have my own life! And it is  full of  bills due and worries of my loved ones and their  health and those whom I have lost.  Please forgive my perfect appearance because beneath the surface I too am only human!  i just chose to confront my own demons in private!

Yet in closing I acknowledge their feelings and express how that  was never my intention! I asked that they caution me (with love) when I cross that line in the future. I express my sincere apology for all the wrongs of  their  childhood drama, which they have informed me, caused a mental disability in which they may not be able to control their violent outburst upon our next interaction. I promise to be mindful of my actions and be cautious where my eyes are at all times. I promise to do better in the future and I do truly care.

Yet I still sit here pondering what was/is the message the Universe had in mind…………………….

sighed totally clueless and confused………

Blessings of love and mindful awareness…………. everything you do……..affects someone you least expect !